Post Renovation Cleaning

Post Renovation Cleaning – Post Upgrading Cleaning

We have a team of best cleaners who specialize in post renovation cleaning and after upgrading cleaning. Our professional cleaners will make your house clean and tidy in a few hours after they entered your home.

Our professional and experience cleaners will make your home the way you want it.

It is the best to renovate the house before moving in all the belonging, furniture and other electrical appliances.

Cover all the furniture, cabinets, wardrobes and electrical appliance with plastic sheet to minimize and protect from the dust going in if you need to renovate or upgrade the house after you have brought all the belonging in the house.

We understand the difficulties of cleaning after house renovation. House renovation, home decoration and upgrading works can create a lot of dust and dirt in the house. House is still dusty even it’s cleaned first round by the contractor after renovation or upgrading.

You won’t feel comfortable to walk on dusty floor and finding dust here and there.

It’s not advisable to live in the house without post renovation cleaning done.

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We have a details job scopes for after renovation cleaning and that cover every corner of the house. Our cleaners can follow your instruction too if you provide your own list of cleaning tasks according to your requirements. It is necessary to inform us in advance if you have your own list of cleaning job scopes.

Our cleaners understand the customer want the house very clean and they will try their best to get the best cleaning results.

Post Renovation Cleaning Job Scopes :

  • Cleaning / Dusting of furniture including tables, chairs and sofa
  • Cleaning / Dusting of floor skirting, all switches and sockets
  • Dusting / wiping of all doors, window, window track line and grill
  • Dusting external surfaces of kitchen cabinets, interior surfaces too if empty
  • Wiping / dusting kitchen wall tiles
  • Cleaning of kitchen basin, taps, stove and counter top
  • Cleaning / Degreasing of kitchen cooker hood and hob
  • Wiping / Dusting external surfaces of kitchen appliances
  • Cleaning of bathroom shower screen (if there is)
  • Cleaning of bathroom basin and bathtub, toilet bowl, seat and cover, bathroom wall tiles and floors
  • Vacuuming and mopping of whole house floor


  • Dusting / wiping of living room and bedroom wall – not included removing of any stains, spots or hand print (Optional)
  • Dusting of Ceiling (Optional)
  • Cleaning / Dusting of fans (Optional)
Post Renovation Cleaning Service

Post Renovation Cleaning Service