One Time House Cleaning Services

One time house cleaning services price stated on SG Home Cleaning website is just for the reference as house cleaning rates will vary depending on number of bedrooms and bathrooms, how tidy and clean your house is, how often you clean the house, regular cleaning and maintenance, how many additional items to clean like stand fans, wall fans, ceiling fans, etc.,.

Your house cleaning service quotation and prices will be given oven the phone, by text or by email as you required.

One Time House Cleaning Services

Moving in Cleaning – Moving out Cleaning

Are you moving in to your new home and looking for best residential cleaning service? Or do you want to leave your old house and want to handover it to new owner? Let SG Home Cleaning help to clean your house thoroughly and make it ready to move in or move out to hand over.

SG Home Cleaning offers moving in cleaning and moving out cleaning in Singapore at affordable and reasonable prices with good house cleaning service quality.

Just contact SG Home / House Cleaning Service to get free quotation for your home cleaning.
Our friendly office staff will assist you to answer all the house cleaning service questions you want to know and help you to select the right and suitable house cleaning service package.

A thorough one time moving in / moving out cleaning from SG Home Cleaning will make your home freshly smell, sparkle, tidy and ready to move in.

Tenancy Cleaning Service :

Our part time cleaners help both landlord and tenant to clean house and office at the beginning and at the end of tenancy. Contact us if your tenancy is going to end and required professional cleaning service.
Professional house cleaning service is required at the beginning or end of the tenancy.

Landlord needs to get the house clean professionally before renting the house out to a new tenant. Cleaning the house at the end of tenancy is one of the rules in tenancy agreement.

To make sure tenant get full refund of the deposit upon moving out, you will need our professional move out cleaning service. It is important for the tenant to get official house cleaning service receipt and submit it to landlord in order to get back the rental deposit.

SG House Cleaning Service would advice not to clean only at the end of tenancy but also to clean the house at least every month. Some stains and dirt will be very hard to clean for poor housekeeping and maintenance.

The dirtier the house, the longer the cleaning time.
The longer the cleaning time, the higher the rate.

End of tenancy cleaning service needs to empty your house completely before our professional cleaners come and clean it.
If you are unable to empty the house completely, you need to put all of your belonging in bags/ boxes and put those together at one corner.

Please click here for more tenancy cleaning service.


One Time House Cleaning Services Packages and Rates

        Prices                    Property Type                         No. of Cleaner        Duration

  • $100    Studio Apartment, less than 450 sq-ft                       1                      3 to 4 hrs
  • $120    Studio Apartment, less than 650 sq-ft                       1                      4 to 5 hrs
  • $150    2 bedrooms House, less than 750 sq-ft                     1                      5 to 6 hrs
  • $180    2 bedrooms House, less than 900 sq-ft                    2                      3 to 4 hrs
  • $210    2 bedrooms House, less than 1100 sq-ft                    2                      4 hrs
  • $250   3 bedrooms House, less than 1300 sq-ft                   2                      5 hrs
  • $300   3, 4 bedrooms House, less than 1700 sq-ft                3                      4 hrs
  • $350   3, 4 bedrooms House, less than 2000 sq-ft               3                      5 hrs
  • $400   4, 5 bedrooms House, less than 2500 sq-ft               3                      6 hrs

Contact SG Home Cleaning and get free quotation if your house is bigger than 2500 sq-ft. House cleaning service prices and packages stated above are estimated only and it will vary depending on cleanliness of the house, house cleaning job scopes you required, how well and how often you maintained the house.

Let us know in advance if you want SG Home Cleaning to provide cleaning tools and detergents as above stated house cleaning service prices are only for manpower.

One Time House Cleaning Services supplies rates :
  • Cleaning aids and detergents including ladder and vacuum cleaner: $120 (for HDB & Condo).
  • $100 for studio apartment and $150 for landed property.
  • Only Cleaning tools and detergents without ladder and vacuum cleaner: $80
  • Only ladder or /and vacuum cleaner: $70

If client wish to save money, you can get cleaning aids and detergents yourself with cheaper rates at NTUC, Giant or any hardware shop near your house as our prices need to include transportation to bring those cleaning stuff by a taxi. Our part time cleaners take public transport to go to client’s house if it’s not necessary to bring along any cleaning tools and detergents.

One Time House Cleaning Service Job Scopes 

  • Dusting / wiping of all furniture (if any)
  • Dusting / wiping exterior surfaces of cabinets and wardrobes (internal surfaces too if provided empty)
  • Cleaning of kitchen (basin, counter tops, kitchen wall tiles & kitchen floors)
  • Wiping external surfaces of refrigerator, microwave, oven (internal surfaces too if provided empty)
  • Cleaning of bathroom (sink, bath-tub, shower screen & toilet bowl)
  • Sweeping / vacuuming of all floor
  • Mopping all the floor
  • Dusting of Windows and sills (only internal surfaces, not included cleaning of window ‘s external surfaces)

Post Renovation Cleaning:

Post Renovation Cleaning is one of our professional one time house cleaning services.
House renovation will cause so much dust and your house will be very dusty after renovation.
Our cleaners are specialized in post renovation cleaning too.
We would advice the customer to ask renovation contractor to clean first round of general cleaning or acid wash to clear all the debris. Our cleaners will do second time thorough cleaning if you engage our your house cleaning service.

House Valuation Cleaning:

Are you planning to sell your house and want to make it presentable to impress the homebuyer?

Get SG House Cleaning Service to boost your house’s value when selling. House valuation cleaning service is a kind of one time house cleaning service.
SG Home Cleaning would advice you to get the following work done before arranging our house cleaning service.

  • Replace / repair if you have faulty fitting and fixture.
  • Repaint the house if walls are dirty with many scratches, stains, handprints, footprints and bathrooms pipe got mold and algae.

Clean home will have higher value and impress the buyer.

Spring Cleaning:

Spring cleaning is a kind of one time house cleaning service too. It is a good practice to get full spring cleaning at least twice a year to give a healthy environment for you, your family and friends.
SG Cleaning would love to take the burden from you and let our domestic cleaner help to make your house clean professionally and feel the fresh.

Gift of One Time House Cleaning Services – Gift of Part Time Cleaning Services – Gift of the Clean Home 

” Best gift for your loved one or friend or family. “

Everyone loves to come to nice, clean and sparkling home.

“Gift of the clean home“ is suitable gift for the special moments like Hari Raya, Christmas, Deepavali, Chinese New Year, Birthday, Anniversary day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Wedding and any other special occasion.

Name of our house cleaning service and contact, number of part time cleaners, hours of house cleaning service and gift voucher amount will be indicated on the gift Voucher.

Gift of One Time House Cleaning Services

Gift of Part Time / One Time House Cleaning Service

Minimum part time house cleaning service gift voucher is $200, 1 part time cleaner for 4hrs. SG Home Cleaning will provide necessary cleaning tools and detergents.

We will email or post the gift voucher as you request.

Cleaning date and time should be scheduled at both gift recipient and our cleaners’ available time.

Voucher is required to use in 30 days from the date of purchase. Otherwise forfeited.