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We, Cleaning Service Singapore have listed Q & A here, which are related to part time house cleaning service in Singapore. Call us now if not stated here.

Cleaning Service Singapore – FAQ

Who are part time cleaners / maids from cleaning service Singapore?

Our house cleaners are Singaporeans, PR, Myanmar and Malaysian.

Can I request the cleaner who can speak Chinese for domestic cleaning?

We will try to arrange to meet your preference. If there is no available cleaner for your preference, we have to send whoever is available. All of our domestic cleaners are polite, obedient, hard-working, experience and all of them can speak in English.

My house is 4 rooms HDB flat. Can I add ironing task for my part time cleaner to do in 4 hours of regular house cleaning package?

Yes, of course. Our cleaning job scopes are flexible to meet your housekeeping requirement. You just need to customize the housekeeping tasks for the cleaner to do in 4 hours time. For example, if you ask helper to do more ironing job (let’s say 3 hours) and cleaners will have lesser time (1 hour) for cleaning.

What if something damage, broken or lost?

Our cleaners are trustworthy and always careful of handling things. Even though our cleaners / helpers are reliable and trustworthy, we advise clients to keep the jewelry or valuable items to prevent misunderstanding. SG Cleaning will be responsible only for maximum of $90 if something broken, damage or lost. But we will not be responsible if it is due to wear and tear.

Can I have free replacement if I don’t like the current domestic cleaner?

Yes, we will send another cleaner without replacement fees if we have available cleaner. Kindly take note it is necessary to try a cleaner for a month as cleaner needs some time to familiarize your preferred way of cleaning and maintaining the house.

House Cleaning Service Singapore

Appointment Cancellation and Re-scheduling

Will SG Cleaning refund the down payment if I want to cancel my house cleaning appointment or booking? How much is the cancellation fees?

A cancellation fee is $50 if you inform us before 24 hours to your house cleaning appointment time. Down payment will be forfeited if informed less than 24 hours to your cleaning appointment time.

Can I re-schedule the house cleaning date and time after booking? What is the re-scheduling fee?

Kindly inform SG Home Cleaning in advance 24 hours prior to appointment time. There is $50 for re-scheduling if informed less than 24 hours time.

What will happen to my balance house cleaning sessions if I need to go for holiday?

Usually, it is necessary to finish all the cleaning sessions within a month, 30 days. But we allow to postpone cleaning session to maximum 2 weeks. Those cleaning sessions will be forfeited if postponed more than 2 weeks.

Making House Cleaning Booking & Payment Procedure

Is there a booking fees if I want to get cleaning service from SG Cleaning?

Down payment is necessary for house cleaning booking and it vary depending on the house-cleaning package. SG Home Cleaning will advise you how much down payment is necessary.

What is the payment term for one off house cleaning services?

Down payment is necessary and you can pay by ATM or ibanking transferred. Down payment will be varied depending on the house cleaning package and we will advice you how much is required down payment for booking. Balance “only cash” can be paid to cleaner after house cleaning done.

What if the cleaner cannot finish the cleaning within the quoted time?

Usually, our cleaners can complete stated job scopes in mentioned standard cleaning time frame. If can’t be completed due to the house is very dusty or dirty, there is $20 per hour for each cleaner. Kindly let us know in advance if you have additional cleaning tasks and not listed in our house cleaning job scopes/ tasks.

Home Cleaning – Available location, Operating Day and Time

Is your cleaning service available in all area in Singapore?

Yes, our home cleaning service is available island wide in Singapore. There is transportation charge for the location where public transport is not available or convenient (e.g.: Sentosa or some area in Singapore)

What are the house cleaning hours?

Our part time cleaners can start work from 8:30 am to 9pm.

Can your part time cleaners work on weekend, public holidays and after office hours?

Yes, our house cleaners can work if required and there is surcharge for it.

Will there be any supervisor or in-charge to supervise the house cleaning?

One of the part time cleaners is in charge and you need to inspect the house after cleaning done. Cleaner/ s will re-clean the place where you are not satisfied with the cleaning.

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